Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY light switch extension

If you are shopping online for a light switch extension for your little one, you might consider my DIY option for a $1.
Simple. Try The Dollar Tree's fly swatter with a flower on the 'swatter'. It has a notched handle that fits perfectly over a standard light switch.

  • Pros: Immediate gratification, inexpensive, looks kind'a cute ...aaand if you don't like it as a switch extension, you have yourself a fancy fly swatter for a buck!

  • Cons: If you leave it 'as is', you'll need to adjust the position of the notch after about 10 uses, so it doesn't come off.
  • If you like it and intend to keep it for daily use, you may want to create a notch over the switch plate's lower screw hole (using a drill bit or box cutter), and using a longer screw, 'install' it so it won't need daily attention and adjustment.

As for me, I'm okay with adjusting them. And  you never know when you may need to swat a fly! :) oumrayan


  1. So smart! I love this idea. I shared it on my blog.

  2. Wish I could share photos of our version of your idea! Thanks!